B’lore to Surat with CBF – Take #1

I clearly remember that day, I was sitting in the room thinking to myself, “Kuch toofani karte hain” and then I came across this…

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“In two simple words-Loved it”, that’s exactly what I wrote to Saajan and Naman after reading their story. Capturing smiles and tagging the reasons behind them, that was Clothes Box Foundation (CBF) to me. Next all I wanted was, to be able to contribute to this organisation. One thing followed the other and there came the Cloth Drive idea! It certainly did change that bit of my life.

The discussions of when, where & how began! It all seemed okay until thoughts like these started to pop up- “Man this is Bangalore, the drive is not even a week away, I don’t know many people out here, what if no one turns up at the drive, what if it rains, what if I make myself look like a fool?” Phew!! Thankfully a bunch of great friends (Richa, DikshaPallav and Rajdeep) were by my side 🙂

To all my BITSian seniors whose presence made it all seem so much more worthwhile, a mere gesture of saying “thank you” wouldn’t do the deed.

So, came the big day- the cloth drive day!!!
It did rain but not enough to pour down our enthusiasm 😉

We collected, we sorted and then…


…we took off to distribute and capture smiles (Take a closer look here!)20140713_165406

That day there was something so special about the wind, (not me) !
It whispered, “You go girl!” 😀

And so I did, but you gonna have to wait before I take you up there!
Till then why don’t you post a comment below to tell me what you think?

Go ahead fellas! 🙂