Story of Hope, Faith, Determination & Success !


Pilani, April 2016

Chubby cheeks, mole on chin; Sparkling eyes, dreams within,
Short hair, confident glare; Smile so true, bubbly too,
Savita Verma, Is that you?  “Yes, Yes, Yes.”

I visited Savita’s place in April this year. Although she’d always narrate to me her exciting stories of college and hostel life over phone, but when I met her she had so much more to tell me. Her laughter did most of the talking and I couldn’t be happier.

I had taught and mentored a lot of kids under Project Umang, but Savita was different. She had dreams & aspirations, and just the right determination to pursue them. And the fact that now she had stepped out of home for all the right reasons made me feel so glad.

About a month later, one evening, her mother called me up to break the news that Savita’s father had abandoned the family and had left for Mumbai. Savita was obviously shattered. A week later I got a call from her, “Didi I plan to drop-out of the college. I want to support my mother in this time of adversity.” I was shocked. I tried telling her that it wasn’t the right thing to do, but she wouldn’t listen. It took me another week to convince her why she should not drop-out.

Next, her fees for college tution and computer course had to be arranged. I made a list of the people who’d contribute for her education. Everything seemed pretty easy by end of June, when the government hostel authorities decided to keep only the 1st year girls.

The total sum needed for 2 years of her graduate education was now huge. I didn’t know what to do. The thought of giving up struck me at one moment, but the very next moment I knew that was never going to happen. I had promised her I will do whatever it takes to arrange for her fees and that she didn’t have to worry about it.

But the main challenge was conveying her story in an impactful way, so that people would understand the genuinity and be willing to contribute. “A video will be able to serve the purpose”, I said to myself.

What next?  We shot in July when Savita visited Gurgaon in July.


Hauz Khas, Delhi, July 2016


A loud shoutout to 3 awesome heroes whose help made this video happen!

Devyani Choudhary for composing the beautiful script !
Gunvarun Singh for sharing inputs & reviewing ideas at all times !
Aamir Fahim for shooting and editing the amazing video !

Savita’s college began in August. The 1st installment of her tution fees and August month’s hostel rent had to payed immediately. A friend’s contribution helped Savita with that even before the fundraiser campaign started. Well,the “friend” wishes to maintain anonymity  🙂

Finally on August 25, the fundraising campaign was live. I was overwhelmed by the response. People came forward and took responsibility and the campaign met it’s 100% on 29th August (yeah, that’s right in only 5 days) It’s not any one person who should be thanked for this, it’s an endless list of amazing people.

Well there’s another 2 years to go, till Savita completes her graduation.
But atleast now, we both (Savita and I) know that we have crossed our 1st milestone.

P.S. “Thank you everyone, thank you for making this happen 🙂 “, says the wind, not me 😀


BITS Pilani, The magic continues…

I still remember that day, (I wish I remembered dates, they create an effect, anyways…) when I entered the prestigious gate of BITS-Pilani. Just couldn’t stop smiling 🙂 I had a very strong feeling, that a life-time experience stood ahead of me. Sometimes I ask myself, what me deserve you dear BITS (thoda jyada ho gya na? 😛 maafi)

My psenti sem made me blog this one- BITSian today and everyday!

Goodbyes were never easy, but this was an epic one…

IMG_20141214_141202 - Copy

It created the sweetest memories, which make me cry and smile every single time I think about it. And just when, I thought I was losing connection with BITS, came the BITSian day.

As the day began, it didn’t seem all that special, until I opened facebook to see all those #‎BITSMemories‬ posts and butterflies all over… in my stomach. By the way, this happens to be my favourite post-


[Just so you know, I am a proud 5 pointer 😀 Yes you heard it right, and finally I said that with pride!]

Nostalgia hit hard, and all I wanted to do was be able to sing like Keira Knightley, giving a shout out to my friends and ask, “Tell Me If You Wanna Go Home”. Yes, that place became home and more.

Certainly,the day had more in store- we celebrated at GreyOrange


And for those of you, who do not know, GreyOrange was founded by BITSian Alumni- Samay Kohli and Akash Gupta. I would not be very incorrect if I said, our company does have that BITSian essence here and there. So, I have a mentor and a pseudo mentor too 🙂

We then hailed to Kingdom of Dreams…oh and rewind 1 hour, I met a new set of BITSians, 4 years on campus, and didn’t even know these folks excited. One pj led to another and yayy it was fun 😀 😀

bitsian day

Yahan hai, wahan hai, jahan bhi dekho, BITSian hi BITSian wahan hai…
But the question of the day was, “baaki sab log kahan hai?” This better be unanswered 😛

Next stop: CONVOCATION 2015!
See you there 🙂 Till then stay in touch with the wind not me…

BITSian today and everyday!

And I paused for a moment, and it is in this very moment that I asked myself,”What if I were to actually not live tomorrow, what if I were to die tomorrow?”

(Midsem side-effects of course 😛 )

But these questions actually put me to thinking about a lot more questions that followed like, “So would I not be able to see the beautiful temple ~ The Saraswati Temple?, Would I not be able to walk those roads the ones which have created numerous memories both sweet and bitter?, Would I not be able to taste the not so yummy food at the mess table? and most of all… Would I not be able to live another day like a proud Bitsian, I have been?”

But if I die there are a hell lot of other things that I would not be able to do, other than being BITSian… “Exactly!!!” I just realised how much I have become accustomed to this tag, this place, the people, the roads and of course the “Tower of Pride“, as our Prof. Rishikesh Vaidya rightly calls it.

It stands proud and tall and so do we 😉

It is that time of the semester, when we the students of final year (especially the non-ghots like me 😛 ) come to realise how little more time we have got to spend on campus~ two more months which seem less than a jiffy.

They say we are taking…A step in the right direction...
But a true BITSian would know that…

Success is walking down this road a thousand times.which by the way also makes me answer my questions~ Yes I would live tomorrow and the days to come, to witness the beauty around, to take that road from the temple of science to the temple of spiritual experience and…

…to re-capture those incredibly serene views and to be a BITSian today, tomorrow and everyday to come.


 Much grateful to Prof. Rishikesh Vaidya for the wonderful clicks. Admire more of them here.

P.S. I was watching Kal Ho Na Ho when you know the questions knocked the doors of the otherwise sleepy cerebrum, but thereafter it was the wind, not me! 😉

P.P.S. I am just half way through the movie, so it’s time go back to the KJo emotional drama 😉

Till next time, keep calm and stay tuned.