Fears Of the HEART !

It’s 4 in the morning. My heart wakes me up saying, “Pragya, what about the future?” The mind shuts it up by giving the “Live in the present moment” gyaan. I sense some restlessness.

I ask the heart, “Sweetie, are you alright?” And say hello to the FEARS OF THE HEART…

Of the pain that hurt as bad as an arrow shot straight through the chest,
Of the tears that couldn’t hide themselves or give the eyes a day’s rest;

Will you end up crying again? Will creating all the barriers go in vain?

When did I ever say no to happiness,
whilst the mind wants more,
I just wish to avoid unnecessary sadness; 

The world may follow traditions of partying hard today and every day,
The past teaches me to treasure what I have and never ever drive it away;

They rightly say, you are one strong lady will a golden heart,
Dear O dear, broken friendships or relationships tear us apart.

Don’t say you don’t have an option,
I have and will keep saying CAUTION; 

While, for the restlessness caused to you, I take full blame
I advise you to do not listen to the mind or let it play any game.

I sit here wow’ed at what that so called, “child” inside me had to say,
Amidst all the irrational immaturity, such far-sightedness lay…

How can I deny that these very fears saved me from a lot of miseries before?
How can I say that these are just fears and nothing more?

And as I jostle with the mind and the heart,
the wind not me closes the maroon curtains

“To be continued…”

in gold italics flashes before me on black background, as I shut my eyes for a nap again!




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