That one magical word and more…

What is love?

If someone is able to answer this question, just know s/he is bullshitting you 😛 And exactly, what makes me say that? Well you’d know…

I’d start simple. I googled up the definition of love and this is what it said…


Affection, liking, infatuation, passion,  and what not! But that’s not how I see it. I also see it’s presence in sadness, anger, pain, happiness, satisfaction and sacrifice. How can one then define something as vast as love?  I’d rather say…

“Love is everything and everything is love.”

But hey, says who, a girl who was shattered by her first love two years ago, and this is what she had to say back then. But why today? Because two years back I was not too sure I wanted people to know and today, frankly I don’t care.

A very learned person recently told me, “Whatever it is that is troubling you today… in the overall scheme of things.. it will be too small in the will laugh at it yourself 🙂 So don’t take things too seriously”. Now I know what she meant.

Two years ago, when I got over my first love, I thought, I would never ever be able to be in love again. Damn, I was wrong and I do laugh at that today…

Yes, I am in love today, and not just that I also share a beautiful relationship with the man I love. Time changes, you see… This man is the best man I’ve ever known, his way of thinking, his values, his nature and what not. Not only do I love him, but I deeply respect him for all that he is and I secretly smile for I got to be the lucky one. 🙂

But that’s not it, like every story takes its own course, this one did too… After an year of wonderful moments of joy, fights, talks and walks, I was presented with a choice, a choice by the nature-

His Happiness today Vs His Happiness tomorrow

Our Love today Vs Our Love tomorrow

No, you don’t get to know, what is it that has come up, some things better be personal.

But hey let’s go back to the question we started with! Love is magic and more, it creates miracles but it also leads to destruction. Who has ever been able to explain magic, then how did we think, we could even attempt to explain love…

P.S. The wind said something very crucial this one time “Treasure what you have had, nothing lasts forever”


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