BITS Pilani, The magic continues…

I still remember that day, (I wish I remembered dates, they create an effect, anyways…) when I entered the prestigious gate of BITS-Pilani. Just couldn’t stop smiling 🙂 I had a very strong feeling, that a life-time experience stood ahead of me. Sometimes I ask myself, what me deserve you dear BITS (thoda jyada ho gya na? 😛 maafi)

My psenti sem made me blog this one- BITSian today and everyday!

Goodbyes were never easy, but this was an epic one…

IMG_20141214_141202 - Copy

It created the sweetest memories, which make me cry and smile every single time I think about it. And just when, I thought I was losing connection with BITS, came the BITSian day.

As the day began, it didn’t seem all that special, until I opened facebook to see all those #‎BITSMemories‬ posts and butterflies all over… in my stomach. By the way, this happens to be my favourite post-


[Just so you know, I am a proud 5 pointer 😀 Yes you heard it right, and finally I said that with pride!]

Nostalgia hit hard, and all I wanted to do was be able to sing like Keira Knightley, giving a shout out to my friends and ask, “Tell Me If You Wanna Go Home”. Yes, that place became home and more.

Certainly,the day had more in store- we celebrated at GreyOrange


And for those of you, who do not know, GreyOrange was founded by BITSian Alumni- Samay Kohli and Akash Gupta. I would not be very incorrect if I said, our company does have that BITSian essence here and there. So, I have a mentor and a pseudo mentor too 🙂

We then hailed to Kingdom of Dreams…oh and rewind 1 hour, I met a new set of BITSians, 4 years on campus, and didn’t even know these folks excited. One pj led to another and yayy it was fun 😀 😀

bitsian day

Yahan hai, wahan hai, jahan bhi dekho, BITSian hi BITSian wahan hai…
But the question of the day was, “baaki sab log kahan hai?” This better be unanswered 😛

Next stop: CONVOCATION 2015!
See you there 🙂 Till then stay in touch with the wind not me…


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