BITSian today and everyday!

And I paused for a moment, and it is in this very moment that I asked myself,”What if I were to actually not live tomorrow, what if I were to die tomorrow?”

(Midsem side-effects of course 😛 )

But these questions actually put me to thinking about a lot more questions that followed like, “So would I not be able to see the beautiful temple ~ The Saraswati Temple?, Would I not be able to walk those roads the ones which have created numerous memories both sweet and bitter?, Would I not be able to taste the not so yummy food at the mess table? and most of all… Would I not be able to live another day like a proud Bitsian, I have been?”

But if I die there are a hell lot of other things that I would not be able to do, other than being BITSian… “Exactly!!!” I just realised how much I have become accustomed to this tag, this place, the people, the roads and of course the “Tower of Pride“, as our Prof. Rishikesh Vaidya rightly calls it.

It stands proud and tall and so do we 😉

It is that time of the semester, when we the students of final year (especially the non-ghots like me 😛 ) come to realise how little more time we have got to spend on campus~ two more months which seem less than a jiffy.

They say we are taking…A step in the right direction...
But a true BITSian would know that…

Success is walking down this road a thousand times.which by the way also makes me answer my questions~ Yes I would live tomorrow and the days to come, to witness the beauty around, to take that road from the temple of science to the temple of spiritual experience and…

…to re-capture those incredibly serene views and to be a BITSian today, tomorrow and everyday to come.


 Much grateful to Prof. Rishikesh Vaidya for the wonderful clicks. Admire more of them here.

P.S. I was watching Kal Ho Na Ho when you know the questions knocked the doors of the otherwise sleepy cerebrum, but thereafter it was the wind, not me! 😉

P.P.S. I am just half way through the movie, so it’s time go back to the KJo emotional drama 😉

Till next time, keep calm and stay tuned.


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