Of friendship and fate!

What day better than today (technically day before yesterday, when I actually started writing 😛 ) to share the glimpse of four friends who happened to each other by good fortune. And the wind by my side happened to have blown across three of them. 20140609_220237

Took me quite an amount of convincing to finally get her clicked, she who is driven by her passions. She loves to spend most of her time at a workshop of her college “Ashwa” (the one I mistook to be her boyfriend, well may be not 😛 )  which designs racing cars. Aspiring to become an IAS officer someday, Diksha Bhagat is that friend amongst the four, whose childish acts make them laugh, shout and yield the best friendship.   Next in line is TNG, as I have known her before my recent encounter with her in Bangalore. About Nidhi, well my quote from an early blog post (Shades of a woman, the colourful ones!), best describes her. It goes like:

“She is calm, she is gentle, she is the ocean of love;
Try harming what she loves and she’ll turn you upside-down and down-above”

She cannot stand even one ounce of dust or mismanagement in her room. And guess what? She shares her room with Diksha, the IAS lady who hardly cares about stuff on her bed or in wardrobe for that matter. (No offences, nothing personal! 😛 )
So how do they manage together???  Friendship my friend…

They belong to Ranchi, but never happened to cross each other’s paths untill they entered this city, Bangalore. Do I need to say, FATE it is… From what I have heard Aditi Arya, the one at the left happens to be the girl who is “the mummy” at the 3 BHK flat where these four fuse up. They say she cooks awesome, and is that goody-goody girl who is loved by all and cares for all.

                                           “Aap na ekdum chu**** hain!” I ain’t saying this for sure. Surprised you will be to know that the girl in the right, yeah the one who symbolises cuteness, (for most people & +1 on that from me) said these words very casually when I… uh, cut that.

I heard it right from her friends, studd only she is 😉 Any slang couldn’t be said in a way better than she does.

“Jaise ho, waise hi rehna”, most say so, least follow. Chabi Gupta comes in list of the least. She knows best what needs to be done to get the best DPs & the best party looks.

1488070_743311609029812_1011926308_n 10314723_851923598155609_8860404024101491977_n

Phew! Thank god that they landed up by each other’s side in the pictures, which also had other people (To whom, I apologise to for cropping off, by the way it was the wind not me! 😀 😀 ) On that note, we shall take our leave now (me and the wind!).

We’d love to hear your comments. Go ahead post them below 🙂


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